About Celiac

In 2015, I began to get sick very often and could hardly train. I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and mono. I was so fatigued that I had difficulty tightening my muscles and therefore was unable to practice. After a while of no improvement, I went back to the doctor and had blood work done. When the results came back they told me I had something called Celiac Disease. Before making such a life altering change, I had an endoscopy done to be certain that I could never eat gluten again.

It has been 2 and a half years since I completely took gluten out of my diet. At first it was extremely difficult because it seemed like everything I ate before had gluten in it, but now it is much easier. I have found many ways to work with my celiac needs and luckily these days there are plenty of gluten free foods available at stores and even some restaurants have separate gluten free menus. The only thing about restaurants I have to be cautious about is making sure they prepare my food in an area that doesn’t not have gluten on it or I ask them to use separate pans. Below I have some of my favorite gluten free foods and restaurants that have worked carefully with my celiac needs.


Gluten Free Restaurants


Gluten Free Foods

  • KIND makes several gluten free foods including bars and granola.
  • Schar makes the best gluten free bread.
  • Vans gluten free waffles.
  • Chex cereal.
  • Skinny pop popcorn.
  • Glutino also makes many products, my favorite being the pretzels and oreos.