Facts About Me

Nickname- Lyss

Parents- Greg and Jarol

Middle Name- Lyn

Siblings- Rachel and Kaylee

​Eye Color- Green

Pets- Two dogs (Frito, Zella)

Height- 5’1

Club Gym- WOGA

Birthday- 05/17/98

Born/Lives- Dallas, Tx

High School- Spring Creek Academy

College- University of Florida

Elite Career

In 2010, I began my elite career immediately following my level 9 season. In August, I competed at the VISA Championships in Hartford, Ct. That December. I made a trip to Moscow, Russia to compete in the Voronin Cup, where I finished 5th in the all- around. In 2011 and 2012 I was unable to compete due to injuries. The next year, I came back strong for my last junior elite season. I competed at the US Secret Classic and P&G Championships. After placing 7th all- around and 5th on floor, I was named to the Junior US National Team. I represented the USA for the first time in Jesolo, Italy. There, we won team gold and I placed second on balance beam. At the 2014 P&G Championships, I placed 4th all- around, 2nd on balance beam, and was named to the Pan- American team. However, I stayed home due to an elbow injury. That October, I was invited to the World Selection Camp, where I was named to the US World Championship Team. We traveled to Nanning, China and claimed team gold. It was the first back to back world team gold in US History. In 2015, I competed in the US Classic and P&G Championships, where I finished 7th all- around, 2nd on balance beam, and was again named to the US National Team. Although, multiple health issues restricted me and I was named an alternate to the US World Championship Team. As 2016 came around, I felt like I was in my best shape and would peak at the right time. I finished 3rd all- around at the US Secret Classic. At the P&G Championships, I was named to the US National Team for the fourth consecutive time. Also, I qualified to the US Olympic Trials. Unfortunately, during training I dislocated my elbow and had to withdraw from the Olympic Trials. Instead of heading to college last year, I took the year to rehab and focus on getting all my skills back that I had before the injury. Check out the link below to see some of the skills that I am currently working on.

So excited for this year😍🤗

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